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Cooking School

Spring Both Savory and Sweet!

You can hear it calling: the bright green peas, the armored artichokes, reckless rhubarb and oh, baby potatoes. Then there is the succulent lamb, the hollandaise sauce, the tender spinach, garlic scapes and rich, red, juicy strawberries! Spring brings with it light, delicate flavors and our Chefs’ devotion to everything fresh and anew. You can almost taste the sunshine!

Why not join us to share food knowledge, trends, tips and techniques in classes designed for cooks of all levels? Run by Team Leader Sara Boyer, the school’s state-of-the-art facilities, located on the second floor of our Robinson store, allow up to 12 students to participate in hands-on courses and up to 18 to watch demonstration classes. And in all cases, classes culminate in sharing the delicious dishes you just made!

To register, view upcoming classes — now you’re cooking!

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