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Table Grapes

Simply Di-Vine!

The grape boasts a well-earned place in Western culture, symbolic of abundance, transformation, blessings, rebirth and pleasure (note the Roman God of Wine, Bacchus). Add to this the horticultural appeal of grapes, growing in lush bunches on rambling vines, and the culinary legacy of this fine food (from wine to stuffed grape leaves, to the all-American grape juice and jelly), and you’ve got a food worthy of a feature!

Grape Personalities

Grapes come in many varieties from specialized, cultivated wine grapes and those made for raisins, to the many kinds of table grapes we offer in our Produce Department — especially abundant in the late summer and fall months. Red, green and dark, they are all a good source of dietary fiber and naturally fat-free.

The candy-like blend of crunchy texture and sweet flavor elevates grapes to treat level even simply rinsed and plucked right from the vine, as well as a refreshing addition to fruit and vegetable salads, over ice cream or yogurt. They also make superb sauces, stuffings, curries and stews, and work well with poultry, game and seafood. We find them a unique accompaniment to calf’s liver and duck, as well as quail.

Green Grapes

        • Princess — Seedless, large and elongated with a crisp, satisfying crunch, golden finish and
        masterful blend of sweet and tart.
        • Thompson — The ultimate table grape; seedless and elongated with a light green color, crisp
        texture and sweet, mellow taste.

Red Grapes

        • Celebrity — Deep red with a large oval shape, crisp texture and sweet bite — and seedless, to boot.
        • Crimson — Elongated berries that are light red in color with a sweet, neutral, juicy flavor and crisp,
        firm texture. This grape has exceptional shelf life.
        • Flame — Seedless and round with a full red color, a sweet-tart flavor and a pleasant crunch; the
        second most popular table grape after the Thompson.
        • Red Globes — Large, remarkable clusters of seeded, extra large, round berries with a light red color,
        full flavor and lots of juice; trendy for decorating during the holiday season.

Dark Grapes

        • Autumn Royal — A relatively new late-season grape that is seedless, large and elongated
        with a rich, blue-black color, whitish cast or bloom, sweet flavor and firm texture.
        • Black Seedless — Elongated, densely black, sweet, juicy and crisp, these attractive grapes are
        equally delicious in hot dishes — microwaved, baked, or heated in sauces.
        • Scarlet Royal — This brand of royalty is seedless and round with a luscious, sweet flavor, crisp
        texture, dark cherry color and translucent, pale yellow-green flesh.
        • Summer Royal — The summer version is seedless and round with a deep black color and crisp
        texture, featuring a noticeably pleasing aroma and a sweet flavor.

Basic Grape Selecting & Storage

Select bunches of grapes with firm, unbroken skin and a light powder coating. The fruit should not break easily from the stems. Refrigerate unwashed, with stems intact, for up to two weeks. Wash before serving.

Freezing Grapes

Grapes freeze well for up to two months and make a delicious frozen treat. Just destem, wash, and freeze in a single layer until hard. Eat for a snack or serve like ice in cocktails or kids’ drinks.

Try this Grape Ice Cubes and Mocktails recipe for a refreshing beverage!

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