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Serve Up Summer Dogs That Dazzle

The Dog Unleashed

This month we’re celebrating the greatest summer grilling tradition ever. Think barbecues, baseball games, camping and street carts. Think fresh-made honey butter buns, ketchup, relish and mustard. Think about that first juicy bite hot off of the grill (you can taste it, can’t you?). Then think Market District, where we’re dogged about bringing you the very best hot dogs ever!

Market District Natural Casing Wieners

It’s a culinary tail, really. The top dog, complete with breeding, training and real culinary character, our Market District natural casing wieners are champions on the grill!

And the people who make our dogs? They have been at it for 35 years, turning our 80-year old recipe into an art form with consistency as a benchmark. The only thing that has ever changed is the amount of salt we use. This, despite large changes in beef and pork costs.

Our final claim — and no small one at that: all the flavor with 1/3 the fat allowed by the official USDA hot dog making handbook, and just 140 calories per link!

So visit us today and unleash your love for a grilled dog that’s a winner every time. Market District natural casing wieners — hot dog, they’re good!

  • Crafted with a blend of top-quality, fresh 93% lean beef and 50% lean pork from small farms in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia
  • Mixed with a proprietary blend of fresh-ground spices
  • Tucked in extra tender lamb casings for the exact right bite/texture
  • Smoked with real hardwood for a flavor that can’t be replicated
  • Made in small batches
  • Hand-hung on smoking trees and hand-packed so every link is individually inspected

Our Favorite Show-Stopping Toppings

This is our big finale — our garnish grandstand. We’re puttin’ our top toppers on stage, giving them the spotlight and throwin’ them to the dogs! Note that each of these divas are made with our Market District natural casing wieners on our fresh-baked honey butter hot dog buns. Simply start with the best then add a little fun between the bun for a cookout like you’ve never scene!

Simple Yet Sophisticated
Slather generously with Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup (you choose: regular or spicy) and your favorite specialty mustard.

Top with grilled fresh pineapple, a slice of prosciutto and chopped red onion — ALOHA!

Slaw Dog
Bed this dog down in Chef Jacqui’s Daikon Slaw or our housemade Kim Chee (available in our Freshly Prepared Foods Department and made with fresh Brussels sprouts, red radish, yellow onion, carrot, green onion and our special Kim Chee dressing), $9.99 lb.

Green Goddess
Our made-from-scratch, authentic Green Goddess dip, sliced fresh cucumber and fresh, housemade Mozzarella.

The Don Juan of dogs, except with Don Hermann’s pickles (the pickle lover’s pickle for sure), plus Swiss cheese and tender, sliced ham. LOVE IT!

That's Quite A Pickle!

Don Hermann & Sons Kosher Dills

We looooove these pickles! Salt brined and fermented, they have a singular flavor and texture that sets them apart from the typical vinegar-brined variety. And because they ferment naturally, they vary slightly from batch to batch, but are always uniquely Don Hermann flavored. Take advantage of this deal to try ‘em. We’re stocking up! Reg. $3.99, Sale 2 for $7
SAVE 98¢ on 2!

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