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The OOOOO in Food Arrives in Pittsburgh's North Hills

New Market District® opens in the Township of Pine

The Township of Pine’s recent grand opening celebration was enjoyed by customers and Team Members alike. Relive the fun by watching our celebration video, and look for more entertaining and interactive events in the months to come!

Embodying a culinary destination for food aficionados paired with the convenience of a full-service market, Giant Eagle, Inc. recently unveiled its fifth Market District location in five years — and its first in Pittsburgh's North Hills suburbs.

The new Pine Market District offers numerous opportunities to discover the "oooo" in food:

  • A Smoke and Fire Slow-Roasting Rotisserie that includes fire-grilled, tender, juicy roasted meats, ribs, chicken, vegetables and more.
  • Hot and cold food bars, featuring a smorgasbord of home-style favorites, authentic international dishes, wings, garden-fresh vegetables and gourmet toppings.
  • A spacious and inviting in-store cafe that features wine and draft beer by the glass, a vast selection of more than 500 microbrews, craft and specialty beers to enjoy with lunch or dinner meal, and free WiFi access.
  • An artisan cheese shop with hundreds of artisan, local and imported cheeses hand-selected by our cheesemongers. These offerings include Beemster Goudas, Point Reyes Farmstead Original Blue, Sevre et Belle Bucherondin, Gelmini extra creamy Gorgonzola, Charles Arnaud Comte and Market District's house made fresh mozzarella.
  • Stone hearth baked pizzas, made with house made dough and sauce, and all natural cheese.
  • The finest in charcuterie showcasing imported cured meats from countries such as Italy and Spain, and unique artisan products such as Creminelli, La Quercia from Iowa and Pittsburgh-based products such as Parma Sausage.
  • Expertly selected and cut fresh meat and seafood including dry-aged beef, steaks and roasts; fresh game meats like duck, venison, buffalo, rattlesnake and rabbit; Elysian Fields lamb; homemade chicken sausage; high quality seafood from sustainable sources such as Alaska salmon and Gulf of Maine Cod; a wide assortment of shellfish including wild American shrimp, jumbo sea scallops, live clams, oysters and lobsters; salmon burgers, steamed and flavored shrimp, crab stuffed salmon and jumbo lump crab cakes all prepared on-site.
  • A cornucopia of more than 7,000 natural, organic and specialty items.
  • A bulk foods section that includes 12 rotating varieties of olive oil, balsamic vinegars, 40 salts and spices and hand-selected foods including fresh roasted coffee, granolas, trail mixes, rice, beans, seeds, dried fruits, grains, candies and snacks. The section also offers an array of baking ingredients such as sugars, flours, sprinkles and more.
  • Straight-from-the-hearth artisan breads, crafted at dawn and fresh-baked daily are showcased alongside made-from-scratch cookies and donuts, pies and cakes, pastries, specialty desserts, and boiled and hearth-baked bagels in the Market District bakery.
  • A beverage bar with coffee, cappuccino, latte, seasonal specialty drinks, as well as fruit smoothies made with fresh-squeezed juices.
  • A bounty of Garden-fresh produce that features domestic, specialty, locally grown, seasonal and more than 125 organic fruits and vegetables.
  • A Sweet Shop that features the finest chocolates, gourmet confections, hand-dipped chocolate novelties, homemade fudge and salted caramels, fresh-roasted nuts, organic truffles and a wide selection of tree-nut, dairy free products for those with special dietary needs.
  • An in-store chef demonstration kitchen complete with flat screen monitors and an enhanced sound system for viewing demonstrations and samplings where culinary experts showcase recipes from across the store.
  • Authentic sushi chefs making classic Japanese maki rolls, Nigiri, Sashimi, and Bento with the freshest of seafood and organic rice.
  • An ongoing schedule of in-store events to entertain and educate shoppers, including live music and daily cooking demonstrations from resident and celebrity chefs.
  • An expanded health, beauty and wellness department that is filled with natural and organic cosmetics, vitamins, supplements, and personal care products, and staffed with a licensed skin care professional and a licensed dietitian conducting ongoing wellness events and activities.

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