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Hard to pronounce (en-doo-ya), but oh so delicious, 'Nduja is a favorite among the cognoscenti in the charcuterie world. A relative of the French andouille, it is a soft, spicy-hot, spreadable salami (maybe my four favorite words strung together) and considered one of the, if not the most, famous Calabrian food.

Made with pork, pork fat, more pork, more pork fat and lots of red chili (the Calabrians LOVE their chili), it is usually served on crusty, thinly sliced bread along with some good aged cheese, such as Piave Stravecchio, and a bunch of dry-cured olives. 'Nduja can also be added to pasta sauce to kick it up a bit. Ours is crafted by the revered La Quercia.