Whip Out the ALEXIAN — Now It’s a Pâté!

All natural and made in a humane and environmentally sustainable way, Alexian pâtés contain no artificial or chemical anythings and are gluten free. They’re also packaged with environmentally conscious materials. Find these single-serve pâtés — easy to handle and made for entertaining — in our Charcuterie & Cheese departments.

Campagne — Pork and pork liver blended with sherry wine, fresh herbs and spices.

Festive Duck Mousse with Cognac — A favorite! Duck liver with pork and just the right amount of fine cognac.

Truffle Mousse — Pork, duck and duck liver blended uniquely with apple brandy and apple pie spices.

Black Peppercorn Mousse — Pork, eggs, chicken and turkey liver, onions, sherry, mushrooms, garlic, spices, vinegar, and, of course, crushed black peppercorn for a kick.

Eggplant and Goat Cheese  A magnificent blend of robust and smooth flavors, this pâté offers an ideal balance of salty goat cheese, rich eggplant and refreshing tomato. Parsley, salt, spices and garlic round out this veggie delight. Contains gelatin.