Bulk Popcorn Kernels — Keep Your Corn Fresh!

Make your own popcorn! We have kernels in our Bulk Foods Section, popcorn poppers in our House & Home Department and a store full of extraordinary toppings to ensure a bowl full of culinary creativity.

Mushroom Popcorn — These kernels are usually used to make the extra big, puffy popcorn found in kettle and caramel corn because they have the surface space to really hold the glaze, but we like it just plain buttery, too! 

Yellow Organic Popcorn — Certified organic with superior popping quality to produce large, fluffy, crunchy, delicious popcorn, period.

Red, Blue, Rainbow or Midnight Blue Popcorn — OK, we’ll say it up front: these aren’t red, blue & rainbow-colored after they pop, but they sure do look pretty in a kernel storage container!