Enhance Many Recipes with the Mighty Mushroom

When shopping for cultivated mushrooms, look for produce that is plump, firm, smooth and light brown or white, with the veil underneath the cap still attached to the stem. The mushrooms should have tightly closed caps that curl over the edge of the gills (the dark fluted areas under the cap). Avoid blemished, bruised or slimy mushrooms. Store them in the coldest part of the refrigerator in a paper bag or wrapped in a paper towel. Do not store in a plastic bag as this can make mushrooms slimy. Do not rinse until ready to use and never soak. Handle mushrooms gently as they bruise easily. For extra flavor, choose mushrooms with the veil open or drawn away from the stem — the wider the veil, the more flavorful the mushroom.

Did You Know? 

Mushrooms Are:

• Free from cholesterol, fat and sodium

• Low in calories

• High in riboflavin, which promotes healthy skin and good vision

• Rich in niacin, which aids the digestive and nervous systems

• Higher in potassium than bananas!