Five Generations of Farming in Ohio!

Damon Meyer, owner of Homestead Springs in Fredericktown, Ohio, started out as a farmer raising hogs and cattle with acres of corn, alfalfa, beans, wheat and oats. Today, he focuses on raising fat-and-flavor-forward Berkshire pork and believe it or not, rainbow trout.

Berkshire Pork
Bred purely for taste and fed real corn to develop inner muscular fat, Berkshire hogs are far more flavorful than “the other white meat” and prized by Chefs and pork lovers alike. True to the flavor of original American pork, Berkshire is:

  • Juicy and tender, with more fat and finer marbling for incredible flavor and texture.
  • An authentic Heritage breed that recalls the true, rich pork flavor of the 1800s.
  • Butchered on-site at Damon’s Homestead Springs farm.

And of course, it is highly recommended by our Expert Butchers, who will custom cut it for you — just ask!

Rainbow Trout
It was almost by accident that Damon also became the owner of Ohio’s fastest growing fishery. In 2010, John Bechtel, a trout farmer and friend of Damon’s, approached him with a proposition to take over his trout farming business. Damon, being Damon, jumped in with two feet.

He put his animal husbandry experience to work and concentrated on one thing: keeping the fish alive. His instincts were invaluable to his success.

Damon’s rainbow trout are raised in very cold, 53°F water flowing from an underground spring at a rate of about 1,500 gallons per minute. That means the fish are constantly being given exactly what they need to thrive — cold water and lots of oxygen.

Initially, the fish are raised indoors before being sorted and graded, then moved outdoors. Fed a high-protein diet, they grow to 1 lb. in approximately 12 months. Plus, Damon’s trout are cleaned and processed the very same day, which make them as fresh as you can get, short of casting a line yourself!