Oui, Oui, Mon Ami!

It is in no way an overstatement to say that our French baguettes are raison d'être — essential to culinary life everywhere and in every way. Made simply with unbleached wheat flour, levain, salt and yeast, they are the classic French symbol of hearth and home, friends and family.

Available in regular and demi sizes, our baguettes are mixed in a room temperature environment, allowing the dough to evolve freely and rise naturally — no short cuts. With their consummate crunchy crust, they are an elegant, yet rustic go-to for appetizers, picnics, meals and munching.

Looking for something for heartier fare with increased nutritional value? Try our whole-grain baguette, containing golden soaked grains with a touch of molasses, oats, sunflower seeds, flax seed, cracked wheat, rye flour & malt. And then there are our unique kalamata olive and sesame varieties, which allow you to add a little singularitè to your spread.