Local Pittsburgh Produce & Foods

At Market District, we buy and sell local for many reasons, but mostly because it supports our communities, keeps our local economy healthy, minimizes our carbon footprint and provides you with distinct local flavors.


Bebout Farms

Bebout Farms, Velencia, PA, Corn, Tomatoes, Zucchini, & Yellow Squash

“It sounds ho-hum, but the thing we pride ourselves on is quality. We attend to every truck we pack to make sure our produce arrives at Market District in top-notch shape. We don’t want our crops associated with anything less than excellent.” — Corrine & Tom Bebout

Trax Farms

Trax Farms, Finleyville, PA, Cider, Apples & Peaches

“We’ve been growing fresh local produce for more than 150 years — six generations. We pick orders the same day they are placed and don’t have pre-picked produce as a back-up. It’s all coming straight from the stem to you.” — Bob Trax

Smith’s Organic
Smith’s Organic, Bedford, PA, A Variety of Organic Vegetables

“We have been a certified organic family farm for 17 years. We started with blueberries and tomatoes but have expanded, testing varieties to see which are best. Everything is harvested ripe, stored at optimum temperatures and delivered refrigerated for peak freshness.” — Gerald Smith, Owner

Alla Familgia
Alla Familgia Authentic Pasta Sauce & Olive Oil

Alla Famiglia , nestled on the hilltop of Pittsburgh’s Mt. Oliver, was started in 1997 by David Ayn. With Jonathan Vlasic as Chef, they bring us two of his classic handcrafted sauces — Marinara and Vodka — as well as their own extra virgin olive oil, imported raw and unfiltered with a fruity and balanced flavor true to the Umbria region.

La Prima Espresso
La Prima Espresso

Founded by Sam Patti in 1988 on Smallman Street in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, La Prima Espresso offers organic options, is Fair Trade certified and roast some of the finest coffees available. They remain a valuable member of the local community through their employment practices and in the world community through their green coffee sourcing.

Jubilee Hilltop Ranch Local Eggs
Jubilee Hilltop Ranch Local Eggs

Neal and Cheryl Salyards acquired Jubilee Hilltop Ranch in Bedford, PA in early 2012, with the vision to begin a business that would involve family as well as encourage and promote sustainable agriculture to the community. Today, the family produces farm-fresh eggs that are eggstra delicious!

Millie's Dairy-Free Gelato

NEW! Millie's Dairy-Free Gelato

Millie’s new dairy-free gelato is made with coconut milk that requires no stabilizers or additives to maintain its silken texture. Find it in Fresh Mint Chip, Bananas Foster, mango and dark chocolate. And, don’t forget Millie’s original ice creams, all natural, lovingly handcrafted with farm-fresh milk, eggs, and seasonal ingredients.



Family owned in East Liberty, Zeke’s uses a Sivetz Roaster to produce all of its signature coffees. Sivetz Roasters use hot air that is continually passed through the beans, reducing the burning and smoke (bitter and acidic flavors) associated with drum roasting. The result is a clean, smooth flavor!