Baking the Very Best

These lovely loaves are the breads we make in our Market District bakeries. They promise housemade goodness from heel to heel — every day!

Jalapeño & Cheddar — Made from scratch, this bread is bursting with sharp Cheddar and topped with jalapeño peppers. Try dipping it in oil and then tell us what heaven was like when you get back!

Red, White & Blue — This made-from-scratch bread starts with the same dough as our Honey Butter Buns, to which we then add sweet blueberries and cranberries. It is hand-formed and baked fresh in our ovens daily. Bursting with fruit, this loaf is as pretty as it is delicious — a “wow” served warm or toasted with simple butter.

Brioche — This dough is made from scratch for a rich, smooth, buttery texture that makes amazing French toast and remarkable sandwiches!

Pepperoni Bread — Loaded with pepperoni (hence the name) and hand-rolled, this loaf is a tailgating favorite, a meal unto itself!

Parmesan Focaccia — Traditional focaccia topped generously with Parmesan to make the ultimate breadstick loaf. Serve with any pasta or just as a snack!

Cinnamon Swirl — Imagine spirals and spirals of cinnamon sugar baked in and then coated with butter and more cinnamon sugar!

Italian Bread — Made with an old-fashioned Italian recipe for a requisite moist crumb and chewy crust.

Country French — A rustic variation on the French baguette with all of the flavor you expect from a classic.

Olive Oil Bread — Hand-formed and brushed with olive oil, this one is sublimely simple and delicately delicious.

Honey Butter Buns — Our made-from-scratch buns, exclusive to Market District, are a must for any meal. Why buy a prepackaged bun when you can have a handcrafted one made fresh, in-store with top quality ingredients — just saying.