Originating in Parma, Italy, Pittsburgh’s renown Parma Sausage Company has been producing extraordinary, authentic Italian meats since 1954.

Located in the historic Strip District, they employ a handful of skilled artisans to craft meats in small batches with recipes and techniques literally handed down through the family for four generations. We’re awful lucky they’re our neighbors because they’re the real thing! How so? Parma uses only the highest quality ingredients, like 100% Berkshire natural pork, prized for its rare marbling, which produces superb tenderness, moisture and flavor. Sourced from small, independent, American farms that pay unprecedented attention to the care of their animals, Berkshire pork is raised without antibiotics or growth promoting hormones, and contains no artificial ingredients, coloring or preservatives. It is also minimally processed to enhance its exceptional, uncompromising flavor. We are big fans.

Add to this exceptional pork, fresh spices, time and care, and you have truly genuine Italian charcuterie that stands up to the Parma taste test: good enough to share at their own table:

Parma Pancetta Tesa — This gem is made with Berkshire pork bellies (slab bacon) cured with sea salt and spices. Aged up to 30 days, it has a mild, delicate flavor that adds depth when wrapped around grilled chicken, steak or fish. We also like it sliced thick, sautéed to a crisp and tossed on salads and pasta.

Parma Calabrese-Style Salami — 
This is a coarse-ground salami with fennel, sea salt and spices that is aged more than 40 days. The fennel adds a subtle anise flavor we can’t get enough of. Eat it with a loaf of our fresh-baked Tuscan bread or make a sandwich with Dijon mustard, peperoncini and a slice of aged Provolone.

 The Italian word for cheek — is cured pork made from the jowl of the pig. It is often used in classic Italian pasta dishes such as spaghetti carbonara and bucatini all'amatriciana. Also, sliced very thin, it is perfectly suited to serve with cheese and olives as you would prosciutto, though it has a deeper, richer flavor.

GIGI Prosciutto — From raw Berkshire ham to finished product, this prosciutto is in Parma’s care for two years! Beginning at a raw weight of 30 pounds, it is reduced to 10-14 pounds during the aging process, concentrating the flavor to divine proportions. With a mild, velvet texture, this tender, juicy, delicately marbled delight is amazing with fresh figs or melon and a bold glass of red.