Go Hog Wild

Brought to you by Heather Sandford and Brad Marshall, pig farmers and charcutiers in Ithaca, NY, The Piggery is one of my newest finds in fine, artisan charcuterie. And, a find it is! Heather and Brad not only raise their heirloom pigs on sustainable pasture, supplemented with locally raised, GMO-free small grains (barley, wheat, triticale, peas), but they handcraft their charcuterie in small batches in the butcher shop right on their farm — always fresh, never frozen.

Plus, Piggery meats are uncured, 100% pastured and include only natural ingredients for flavor that is unreal. The pâté is a rich, ready to eat, mousse-style spread and the Rillettes is rustic ham spread with a complex flavor profile with a tang of locally produced Verjus. We also carry their Deli-style ham, Capicola, Salami Cotto and Bologna. All are sliced and ready to serve. Use to make your next sandwich and see what a difference real meat mastery can make!