Local Lamb & Goat from Saxonburg, PA!

Tucked just over the hill in Saxonburg lies Thoma Meat Market, a fourth-generation business serving meat lovers for more than 70 years.

That's how long the Thoma family has been raising livestock and butchering fresh meat with the same group of neighborhood farms. “All of our animals on all of our farms are raised on a simple grain and hay diet — no hormones or additives — you can see & taste the freshness,” says owner Brian Thoma.

“And we offer complete traceability. We know every farmer we work with, how they raise their animals.” Just as he says this, in walks Jerry Toy from Worthington Beef, who sells cattle to Thoma; he’s here to buy some bacon for the weekend.

Brian works closely at the market with co-owner Tim Thoma, his cousin, who handles the bookkeeping, analysis, etc. of the business. Together, they not only run their own store, but supply retailers like us, who want the best for our customers and are looking to support local businesses that are on the cutting edge. “We recently started selling fresh goat meat,” says Brian, crediting his son Brad, who raises the goats. “It’s been an increasingly popular product that people use in a lot of ethnic cooking.”

“I would describe the flavor as similar to lamb, but not as fatty,” says Brad, who also just walked through the door. “Goat really absorbs flavor so is great in seasoned sauces or marinated.”

In addition to Brian, Tim and Brad, Brian’s brother Bruce also farms and Tim’s 16-year-old son Joshua helps out after school and in the summer. The sense of family and friendship is one of the benchmarks of the Thoma Market experience. It’s also one of the reasons our Butchers are so proud to bring local Thoma meats to you at our stores.