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Tour the world of all things cured and curd with a visit to the Charcuterie & Cheese departments at Market District! Whether you’re arranging a party platter, picking out pizza toppings or selecting sandwich fixings, our internationally and locally sourced cheeses and meats are sure to satisfy your culinary needs — and your taste buds.

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In our Market District Cheese Shop, you'll find professionally trained Cheesemongers to help you select from more than 400 imported and domestic artisan cheeses hailing from the four corners of the globe and from local, family-owned producers. Whenever we can, we buy wheels directly from our cheesemakers and cut them fresh in-store for you. We invite you to explore cheeses you may never have tried — French Banon goat cheese; decadent, triple-cream Brillat-Savarin or French Comté; Italian Fontina Val D'Aosta or Taleggio; Spanish Drunken Goat or 3-, 8- and 12-month Manchegos; or Dutch Beemster XO. And don’t forget tasty accouterments like wildflower honey, exotic guava and quince paste, and good-with-goat-cheese jams — top-notch extras that add an exquisite layer of flavor to your cheese plate. Brie all that you can Brie! Get our complete guide to Cheese!

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Explore Market District’s authentic Charcuterie, a French art that began as a way to preserve meats without refrigeration. The traditional charcutièr — a title reflecting great culinary skill — prepares cooked, cured, salted, seasoned and dried meats, including pâtés, confit, mousse and more. These are the delicacies we carry in our in-store Charcuterie, many from D’Artagnan, as well as the finest of Italian cured meats, known as salumi, like La Quercia Speck, Jamòn Serrano and Italian San Daniele prosciutto. Get our complete guide to Charcuterie!

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The Market District Deli is a world unto itself — fragrant in fresh sliced meats and cheeses, side salads, marinated vegetables, pickled treats, antipasti and olives, all ideal for sandwiches, platters, party trays and snacking. We’re exceptionally proud of our housemade deli meats, which you’ll only find at Market District stores. These oven-roasted, fresh-sliced meats are in a class all their own. Try a taste of Thanksgiving anytime of year with our House-Roasted Turkey, Herbes de Provence Turkey or Smoked Turkey, and savor our succulent Roast Beef and spicy Pepper-coated Calabrese Ham. Lunchtime just got a whole lot tastier!

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