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Our Produce Department is a utopia of the absolute freshest domestic, imported, specialty, seasonal and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs anywhere. We go above and beyond to bring you hard-to-find varieties and to introduce you to new favorites every day. For instance, in the summertime, you won’t just find honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon — we’re mad for melons of all kinds! Think Crenshaw, Musk and Israeli melons, too. Dig into produce picked by our local farmer friends and from growers all over the world. We think you’ll agree that our tremendous selection of fruits and veggies is just ripe! Get our complete guide to Produce!

Buy Local

We work hard to ensure that our local produce offerings are grown within 150 miles of our stores! Look for our “Buy Local” signs in the Produce Department (and throughout the entire store!) and you’re sure to find the finest and freshest seasonal produce in town. In our Pennsylvania stores, we source from local farms such as Arista Farms, Bebout Farm, Bedner’s Farm, Brenckle’s Farm, Clarion River Organics, Dawson's Orchards, Laurel Vista Farms, Leckwart Farm, Smith’s Organic Farm, Soergel Orchards, Trax Farm and Wexford Farms. In our Ohio stores, we offer produce from a number of local farms including Buurma Farms, Ebenhack Family Farm, Hidden Hills Orchard, Hillside Orchard, Lettuce Work, Lehner Farm, Ohio Healthy Harvest, Szalay’s Sweet Corn, Triple V Farms and Witten Farm Market.

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