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Our Fishmongers are always reeling in the very best fish they can find, anywhere from Alaska’s pristine waters to the balmy Gulf shores. Each day, they net first-of-the-season catches, unique varieties of shellfish, succulent shrimp from North Carolina and local specialties like rainbow trout. Fresh-cut halibut and whole tuna loin, Faroe Island salmon, live lobsters and exotic catches are all on board. Plus, our Culinary Team makes eating seafood simple by preparing specialties fresh each day for you to simply cook and eat, like sensationally seasoned salmon fillet, burgers and stuffed-roasts, panko-breaded tilapia and cod filets (try flavors like Honey-Roasted Almond or Pistachio), Maryland-style crab cakes, New England clam chowder and bacon-wrapped sea scallops. Stop by today and sea what you’re missing! Get our guide to Seafood!

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