Satisfy your sweet tooth with treats from three chocolatiers, all based in Pennsylvania!

Toffee Taboo | So Good It Should Be Outlawed
But we’re glad it isn’t! Pittsburgh's Bob Sendall — owner of Sendall Chocolates and All in Good Taste Productions (caterers) — brings us Toffee Taboo, sweet toffee-covered almonds and cashews in dark Belgian chocolate with a spritz of kosher salt and a drizzle of white chocolate. An ideal gift for those who favor the forbidden. Available in Milk or Dark Chocolate.

South Side Snappers | Turtles with a Twist 
Snappers are a yummy blend of creamy caramel, rich milk chocolate and the salty crunch of pretzels. Made in Pittsburgh by the owners of The Milk Shake Factory, these decadent treats pay tribute to the family’s chocolate making and soda fountain business, which their grandparents originated in 1914.

Toffee House® Toffee | Exceptionally Tasty Toffee
Try these extraordinary varieties:

• The Dangerous Stuff is handmade with pure cane sugar, Grade AA sweet cream butter and sliced California almonds, topped with a single layer of creamy milk chocolate, pressed with chopped walnuts and finished with a semi-sweet and white chocolate drizzle.

• Emma’s English Toffee is The Dangerous Stuff slathered on the top and bottom with a dreamy layer of chocolate then pressed with diced almonds. Available in White, Milk or Dark Chocolate.