Our Bakers are sweet on Valentine’s Day, and that’s putting it mildly! Stop by to visit them for a little bit o’ indulgence and buy your better half (or everyone you heart) a tempting treat made with love!

Cake Treats

  • Signature Red Velvet Cupcakes — Topped with housemade vanilla buttercream and rimmed with sugared pearls and chocolate garnish. Also available in mini size 12-packs, finished with vanilla buttercream and sweetly decorated.
  • Signature Chocolate Cupcakes — Topped with either our chocolate buttercream or fudge icing, you’ll find several styles and flavor combinations available, all finished with fun chocolate décor and garnishes.
  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cupcakes — Topped with our fudge icing and a delectable, hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberry.
  • 5-Inch Petite Red Velvet Cake — The cutest cake in the case for Valentine’s Day, with layers of red velvet cake and housemade cream cheese icing, beautifully finished and decorated with love.
  • 5-Inch Petite Fudge Crown Cake — Layers of rich chocolate cake and thick rich fudge icing completed with an expertly piped rose and rimmed with mini chocolate curls. Or, try another customer favorite, our 5-inch Petite Shaved Chocolate Cake (dark chocolate curl coated) or our 5-Inch Nutty Berry Cake (white chocolate curl coated).
  • Head-Over-Heels Heart Cake — Don’t let the name trip you up! These awesome, heart-shaped cakes come in signature yellow or chocolate, topped beautifully with our buttercream and perfectly finished — a beloved sight to behold.
  • Red Velvet Split Cake — Moist red velvet cake and our vanilla buttercream finished with a swirl and dusting of edible sugar pearls — share the love.

Cookie Treats

  • NEW! U-Decorate Housemade Cut-Out Sugar Heart Cookies — Make these housemade Valentine’s Day cookies little works of art. They’re made from scratch and hand-cut by our Bakers just like you would do at home, but so much easier. 10-ct. (icing, sprinkles and sugars sold separately).
  • Red Velvet Gobs — A just-for-Valentine’s Day version of our famous gobs, adorably made with moist red velvet cake sandwiches and our housemade buttercream in perfect sized bites of yum.
  • Sugared Heart Cookies — Our original sugar cookies (we all know and love them) cut decoratively into heart shapes and topped with simple red sugar for a touch of sweet nostalgia, 10-ct.
  • Handmade and Decorated Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies — Each is a work of art!
  • Chocolate Chip Message Cookies — Our talented decorators create the best message cookies around with so many styles to pick from — beautiful to whimsical.