Butters from Around the World with Rebecca Plaza-Ponte, Buyer of Better Butters

Rebecca has churned out an array of gourmet butters that are sure to melt your heart and spread the better butter love around!

NEW! D’Isigny Beurre de Baratte Butter, Salted

Chefs (including ours) rave about this fabulous French butter. Perhaps because it is churned using the "baratte" method, a traditional technique that separates the milk, spins the heaviest part into a creamy, dense consistency, and later reinjects it. Did I say creamy? And, the flavor of the buttercup-colored butter (say that three times fast) is caramelized and nutty, with just the right amount of salt. Note that the distinct taste of this butter has to do with the fact that Isigny Ste. Mere gets its milk from its privileged location near the sea, where cows graze on rich grasses in a mild, damp climate — you can’t replicate that!

NEW! Les Prés Sea Salt Butter

Flown in from Belgium, this butter is churned with fresh cream from cows that graze on the plateau of the Belgian Ardennes, and then blended with big salt crystals from Camargue, a region in the French Rhône delta renowned for its high-quality sea salt. The crystals remain intact in the butter, allowing for decadent, savory bites as they dissolve on the tongue. It’s really quite the butter experience.

NEW! Celebrity Salted Goat’s Milk Butter

Made with goat’s milk collected from family-run farms in Southern Ontario, Canada, this butter boasts full, rich flavor and a velvety texture. White, creamy and 100% pure, it’s finished with a pinch of sea salt to add savor to the spread. Goat is the go-to butter!

Parma Valley Butter

Crafted with 100% fresh cream from the same milk used to make the famous Parmigiano Reggiano®, Parma butter is white with a unique, sweet aroma. When you taste it, you will definitely get the Parmigiano Reggiano connection, which makes this butter excellent as a simple spread on our rustic Country Boule bread, available in our Bakery.

Chimay Butter

This incredible butter is made with milk from cattle that graze in the pastures of Belgium, close to the French border. These cows spend their days wandering along the rivers and through the forests, their only job, to find the tastiest greens and blooms. And they’re good at it, because their milk produces a super fresh, clean-tasting butter with an ultra-creamy texture — one of kind. To complete the theme, try it on Belgian waffles. Get it salted or unsalted.