Focus on Fall Centerpieces — The Autumn Table

The turkey’s resting, the pies are done, the mashed potatoes are steaming, the cranberries is jelled but something’s missing! The table looks a bit bare, despite the feast. Could it be lacking something as simple as a bouquet of calico corn wrapped with a strand of taffeta? Indeed!

All the World’s a Centerpiece

Making a colorful, rustic or elegant centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table is a walk in the park. Literally. Pick up acorns and brilliant fall leaves (single or on branches) and any attractive berry branches, flowers, or aesthetically pleasing wood pieces.

Then, gather foods (you don’t need everything; choose your favorites — we’ve got them ALL in our Produce Department):

  • Gourds and/or Pumpkins
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Colorful Flint or Calico Corn (sometimes called Indian corn)
  • Nuts (Pecans and/or Walnuts in the shell)
  • Fresh Sage Leaves
  • Coffee Beans (in coffee aisle)


And a few props:

  • Wide glass candle holders
  • Votive candles
  • Cutting Board or Cake Tier
  • Metal Graters
  • Dried autumn-colored flowers or grasses


Choose your ambiance. Build your centerpiece on a simple wooden cutting board or on an elegant tiered platter or cake dish.

Fresh cranberries and coffee beans make lovely “groundings” for votive or even tall candles. Simply place them in the glass candle base and tuck the candle in the center. You can also use acorns, walnuts or pecans (with shells) to fill larger glass candle bases and add a touch of earthy décor to your assembly.

Another interesting choice is to use an old metal grater or two placed over votive candles. These cast clever, rustic flame flickers across your table.

Use Your Imagination!

Regardless of what supplies you choose, there are so many colorful options!  Gourds come in all kinds of gorgeous fall shades, as does flint or calico corn. With large pumpkins, you can hollow them out and use them as a vase, tucking in flowers with autumn ambiance like rust, yellow and orange-colored mums, berry twigs, autumn leaf branches, etc. 

Or, arrange small gourds with your fall leaves, fresh sage leaves, flint corn, berry twigs and votive candles on your cutting board or cake tier. Just make sure any of your candles are not close to flammable items like the leaves or berry twigs. The cranberries also or add a touch of color when sprinkled through your arrangement.

With autumn’s wealth of texture and color, almost any combination is going to add light and charm to your Thanksgiving table!