A Frittle Something Sweet — Peanut Fudge Brittle, Indianapolis, IN

Carrie Abbott is an Indianapolis native. She grew up there, went to Ball State University to earn a degree in geography with a travel and tourism component, and then to Ivy Tech for an associates degree in Pastry & Baking.

“I have always been drawn to food and hospitality,” admits Carrie. “Before starting Frittle® four years ago, I was catering desserts. That’s how Frittle happened. I was working with a peanut candy recipe I really liked. It satisfied my nostalgia for old-fashioned peanut brittle, but wasn’t as hard.”

Carrie describes Frittle as a cross between the classic, peanut-buttery sweetness of brittle and a rich peanut fudge. The result is a kinder, softer brittle with a crispy-creamy texture and just a hint of salt. It’s also gluten free and vegan.

“The texture is really unique and the package size makes it a great little gift or a nice indulgence for yourself for less than $5,” explains Carrie, who is thrilled about having her candy in our stores.

“What I love about being local is the relationships I am building with the people who sell our candy, like Market District. It’s a really big deal to see your product featured in the Sweets Shop. That’s why I personally drive and deliver my candy to every Market District store that carries it — even Pittsburgh and Ohio. I love seeing everything about how Frittle makes it into a customer’s hands. The fact that Market District sought out local artisans when they came here was amazing. It’s been a great partnership.”

Located in the heart of Indianapolis’ historic/arts district, Carrie’s candy company, Newfangled Confections, makes all candy on-site, but mostly sells wholesale. “When people ask for it, I send them to Market District to buy. I know they are going to have a lovely food experience.”

With candy in all of our Market District stores, Frittle has gone from being a local sensation to a regional/national treat. “I knew it had an audience because it is so good and affordable. Even younger people — under 30 — who don’t have the nostalgia factor because maybe they never experienced brittle as a child, love it. It’s super exciting to take something that I adored as a child and watch my version of it come back.” Frittle is available in 4 oz. boxes, $4.99 and 3 oz. bags, $3.99.