At Market District, we love Halloween because it’s like our customers are coming to our doors hoping to get the very best treats!

Sweets Shop Sweets
We guarantee you won’t find a better selection of garish goodies than those hand-picked by the candy vamps in our Sweets Shop! Dreadfully decadent, they make any celebration — kid or adult (like there’s any difference) — frightfully fun!

From gummy pumpkins, bats and bones, and traditional candy corn to fill your party bowls, to our Market District pumpkin spice truffles and milk chocolate pumpkin spice pretzel nibs, we’ve got the classics as well as the Halloween chic — why not give them a stab?

Housemade Popcorn & Fudge
Every month we feature one of our house-made gourmet popcorns and fudges. For Halloween, we could have gone all pumpkin on you, but instead decided to feature a little chocolate and praline to sweeten your fall palate.

  • Chocolate-Drizzled Caramel Corn
  • Chewy Praline Fudge

Bakery Treats
Our Bakers are also getting their ghoulish on with a host of Halloween treats designed to add a little sweet to your scary for Halloween.

Ideal to wake up the office zombies or to raise classroom spirits, our selection of Halloween goodies is bewitching! Select from colorful Halloween Cut-Out Cookies, Thumbprints, Cupcakes, Message Cookies and more!