Hometown Flavor Is Cropping Up!

At Market District, we partner with dedicated area farmers to bring you the very best in local, farm-fresh produce all summer. Think of it as a farmers’ market right inside our Produce Department — we do!

The farms we buy from are within 150 miles of our stores, so when you purchase local produce, you are keeping the local economy strong. Your money gets reinvested in your communities where it can help build and grow neighborhood interests. That’s good for everyone.

In addition, locally grown produce is usually picked within 24 hours of arriving in our stores and has had time to ripen prior to being picked, so it is at peak flavor when you purchase it. This also means that less money and energy is put into transporting the produce, which is good for the environment and lowers costs. In addition, your support preserves agriculture in and around your community, allowing lands to remain rural, natural and pleasing to the earth and eye.

Finally, the experience of eating locally grown produce allows you to live in the season — to enjoy the sweet peach and rich tomato tastes of August, as well as the crunchy apple and buttery squash flavors of September. Produce presence, so to speak!

Some of the Farmers in the Dell — Our Agricultural Partners

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

The Witten Farm Market, Lowell
Szalay’s Farm & Market, Peninsula
Three V Farms, Circleville
Brenckle Farms, Hartville
Buurma Farms, Willard

Wexford Farms, Wexford
Bebout Farm, Venetia
Trax Farms, Finleyville
Dawson’s Orchards, Enon Valley
Blackberry Meadows Farm, Natrona Heights
Brenckle’s Organic Farm & Greenhouse, Zelienople
Triple B Farms, Monongahela
Laurel Vista Farms, Somerset
Leckwart Farm Market, New Castle