Spice Up Your Popcorn!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re traditional butter-and-salt popcorn devotees, but every once in a while, we get a hankering for something a little different to change up the popcorn experience. We also love the fact that popcorn is a pretty good-for-you snack, so we are not going the chocolate/caramel/fruit loop route — but don’t let that stop you!

What we turn to is spices. They add so much for so little, especially if you pop on the stove with a bit of oil so the spice has something to cling to. Even if you don’t, one of our favorite basic toppings for air-popped popcorn is fresh herb-infused olive oil.

We use Market District extra virgin olive oil loaded with chopped basil, rosemary, thyme and sometimes oregano. Actually, make a pint and just keep it in your refrigerator for times like these. Just brush on with a pastry brush, sprinkle a little sea salt and BOOM! So that’s one and here are a few more:

  • Smoked Paprika & Sea Salt — Again, sprinkled over olive oil. Love the smoky flavor, especially with a glass of red.
  • Cilantro & Lime — This takes a little more doing as you need to zest the lime and chop cilantro finely, but it is worth the extra prep. Then again, sea salt. The zest and cilantro tend to add enough moisture to keep the sea salt sticking.
  • Want sweet? Try sugar and cinnamon with a touch of ground clove. For this, we like the butter option rather than the olive oil. A good butter, like Kerrygold®.
  • Another favorite is Market District extra virgin olive oil sprinkled with a bit of nutritional yeast and dried parsley; it’s a cheesy flavor without the fat.

You can see, the possibilities are endless: fresh rosemary, fresh dill, a dash of curry. Try a different one each week — see what pops into your head!