Local Food Favorites

Cleveland Coffee Company, Cleveland, OH
The Cleveland Coffee Company is a small-batch roaster. They use only 100% specialty grade Arabica green coffee from world importers who support coffee farmers maintaining a belief in social, environmental and economic values. Since 2003, they have been providing fresh-roasted coffee to area cafés and businesses. We carry their Bright Side Blend, Ethiopian Sidamo, French, Mokka Java, Sumatra, Tanzania Peaberry & Decaf.

Cleveland Kraut, Cleveland, OH
After experimenting with various recipes and fermenting techniques, brothers-in-law Drew and Luke realized the sauerkraut they made at home was surprisingly better than store bought. They took their fresh, crunchy, unpasteurized, probiotic sauerkraut to local farmers markets and a business was born. It took a year of fine-tuning, with the help of feedback from customers, friends and family before they launched, but now we’re happy to have their unique kraut line in our stores! Available in Classic Caraway, Roasted Garlic, Gnar Gnar Spicy, Beet Red, Curry & Whiskey Dill.

Bearded Buch Organic, Vegan, Raw Kombucha, Cleveland, OH
Aaron Powell (the inspiration for the iconic Bearded Buch logo) was out training for a marathon when he stumbled upon kombucha in a health food store. Upon further investigation, he and his wife Danielle realized this amazing beverage was a great way to add fermented foods to their diet, and all seven of their kids loved it (bonus)! Since their first brew, the Powell’s have come a long way, mastering the art of crafting kombucha without compromising the taste, quality or integrity of the brew. Since 2014, they have been sharing this amazing drink with the world. But, it’s more than a drink. It’s fun. It’s good for you. It’s an adventure. Available in Ginger Snap, Concord Grape, Pink Grapefruit & Elderberry.

Bissell Maple Farm Gourmet Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, Jefferson, OH
The Bissells have been making maple syrup in northeast Ohio since the late 1800s. Today, their sugarhouse is located on Higley Road, west of Rock Creek on the family farm. Over the past 10 years, they have expanded to meet the demand of customers, but they still use American oak bourbon barrels to age their specialty maple syrup. Flavors from the toasted oak barrel are drawn into the bourbon over several months. That character remains inside barrel walls, absorbed into the charred oak. The maple syrup, produced in those barrels, is aged for months until the flavor is just right.

Origin Milk, Cleveland, OH
Producing milk from 100% heritage-breed A2 Guernsey cows, Adrian Bota and his wife own and run Origin Milk — the only dairy in America that offers milk in its original form. How so? Well, Guernsey cows are one of the only heritage breeds of cows left, meaning they have not been altered for commercial milk production. Only 12,000 A2 Guernsey cows exist, compared to the 9 million Holstein used to produce modern white milk. Guernseys are like old-school cows that give thicker, creamier, richer cream-colored milk — the way it used to be. Grass-fed and raised on organic principles (non-GMO feed, no antibiotics or growth hormones) on four Amish farms, these cows don’t produce as much milk, but it sure is better! Look for Origin Whole Milk, 2% Milk, Chocolate Milk, Heavy Cream and Butter in our Dairy Section.

Carfagna’s, Columbus, OH
Carfagna’s, Inc., family owned and operated since 1937, has a long-standing tradition of providing excellent quality and value. Along with their Italian market, catering business and Italian restaurant, they make Italian sauces, soups and more, which all live up to their grandfather’s mantra: “Give our customers what they want, not what we want.” Find Carfagna’s sauces in Original, Pomodore Basilico, The Sicilian and Vodka.

Crimson Cup Coffee, Columbus, OH
With a focus on community, Crimson Cup prioritizes giving back in a big way. Owned by Harvard University graduate, Greg Ubert, the company works with the Cancer Support Community’s Grounds for Hope program, donating more than $45,000 to cancer patients and survivors. It also sends coffee overseas and matches donations to the armed forces through the nonprofit Fallen 15. On a global scale, Crimson Cup empowers coffee farmers in Central and South America through Friend2Farmer, its direct trade program. Crimson Cup also offers classes in its Innovation Lab, educating other enthusiasts and prospective entrepreneurs. A 2016 DREAM BIG Small Business of the Year Award Regional Finalist, we think Crimson Cup has really perked up the coffee biz. Look for their Grounds for Hope line in our stores, including Organic Dark Roast, Organic Decaf and House Blend!

Darista Dips, Columbus, OH
This unique lineup of dips puts hummus in a whole new light. Stock up on pita chips and dip into flavors both savory and sweet, including: All Hail the Kale, a garlicky yogurt dip with kale, carrots and Snowville Creamery yogurt; Hip-Hoppin’ Morockin’ Carrot, a spicy blend of roasted carrots, hot harissa and raw honey; Step It Up a Beet, a roasted beet hummus with chickpeas and lemon, plus enjoy a Roasted Red Pepper variety, Za-Mazing Za’atar Traditional Hummus or Sweet Potato Coconut Curry hummus, and these new sweet dips: Chocolate Coconut Almond & Mocha-Nut Choco!

Don Hermann & Sons Kosher Dills, Garrettsville, OH
It’s been 39 years since the Hermann family, descendants of Hungarian-Jewish immigrants, started making dill pickles on Ohio 88 in Garrettsville. Today, their pickles are a true tradition and contender for one of the best pickles we have ever tasted!

Honeyrun Farm, Williamsport, OH
Honeyrun Farm is a small family farm that makes pure, raw seasonal honey, varietal honey, herbal-infused honey, bee pollen, handcrafted soap and beeswax candles. They craft environmentally mindful goods while ensuring the health and survival of their honeybees.

ROOT 23 Simple Syrups, Columbus, OH
ROOT 23 was launched in 2015 by a couple of busy, local moms who value whole ingredients, real food and quality time with family and friends. Their line of all-natural, flavor-infused simple syrups come in inventive flavor combinations that allow you to mix deliciously unique drinks with just a couple ingredients. Each hand-crafted batch is made with organic cane sugar and ingredients from local farms when possible. Available in Vanilla Ginger, Grapefruit Basil, Cucumber Habanero, Cherry Almond and Pear Rosemary.