with Paul Abbott, Keeper of the Perfect Pie

Paul is a ringleader in our pizza procession with a host of on-trend pizza toppings and dough alternatives to make your next pie a profoundly innovative pizza experience.


  • DeLallo Pizza Dough Kit with Type 00 Flour — Make authentic Italian-style pizza dough in three easy steps. Kit includes yeast and type 00 flour, which is a softer, finer wheat flour, ideal for a lighter, chewy pizza dough.
  • Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted™ Mash 7-Grain Flatzza® Shells — Made with sprouted grains (red wheat berries, quinoa, oat groats, rye berries, barley, amaranth and millet) these 12-inch shells are deliciously free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs and soy. Just top and bake!
  • Gluuteny Pizza Dough Mix — This is Paul’s top choice for a gluten-free crust. It is also dairy free and vegan, but tastes as close to pizzeria dough as possible. Just add water!


  • Rao’s Pizza Sauce — If he has to choose one, Paul’s pick is Rao’s, which has 20 years of experience making pizza sauce in New York City, home of some of the best pizza around. Made with vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh vegetables, this sauce is a true southern Italian classic.
  • DeLallo Simply Pesto — When it comes to artisan pesto, Paul swears by DeLallo. Made with a generous amount of hand-picked Ligurian basil blended with olive oil, pine nuts, cashews, garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano® and Pecorino Romano, it is so beautifully rich in pesto flavor that a small amount spread on your crust will delight and inform every bite.
  • DeLallo Grilled Artichoke Hearts — Earthy and tender with a smoky-sweet chargrilled flavor, these all-natural grilled artichoke hearts add a touch of briny, savory goodness to any pizza — especially with a good gorgonzola!
  • Mike’s Hot Honey — Paul’s hottest new discovery for pizzas, this chili pepper-infused honey is made with wildflower honey harvested in New York and New Jersey. Superb on a pie with soppressata and a mild, fresh mozzarella, he also adores it on a dessert pizza with grilled peaches and chèvre, don’t ya, Paul?

Pie On-the-Go — Market District Take n’ Bake Pizzas
This is Paul’s go-to when pizza sounds perfect but there’s no time for fixing. Made fresh in-store daily with premium ingredients and generously layered for fabulous flavor in every bite, these pizzas bake up fresh and cheesy in just 15 minutes. The sauce starts with imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes, grown in rich volcanic soil and vine-ripened to sweetness, and is finished with a proprietary blend of herbs and spices. The crust bakes to a blessed blend of crispness and chewiness. Find them in our Prepared Foods Department and take them home!