Columbus Day is such a welcome opportunity to herald Spanish cheeses, and, aren’t we lucky, because here are some unbelievable ones from Don Juan that you’ll want to discover before you bring out the next cheese board!

Don Juan Cheeses

  • Mahón — This is a cow’s milk cheese named after the capital of Menorca. After ripening in underground caves for at least 60 days, Mahón develops a bold, magnificent flavor. The yellowish-orange rind, which is rubbed with olive oil and paprika, conceals a soft, slightly briny and nutty interior. Mahón is traditionally served drizzled with olive oil and a sprig of fresh rosemary.
  • Iberico — Iberico is made in Castilla-La Mancha. Composed of a perfect blend of cow, sheep and goat’s milk, it is aged for five months. The three milks are collected each day to produce a fresh tasting, semi-hard cheese with a pleasant nutty complexity and low acidity that pairs beautifully with Spanish red wines.
  • Raw Milk Manchego — This is a raw milk artisan Manchego that is made with milk from over 50 selected farmers. Intense and full bodied, it is winner of the 2010 World Cheese Award Gold Medal and the 2011 World Cheese Award Bronze Medal.
  • Six-Month Manchego — Made from the milk of Manchega sheep, this Manchego has great character, featuring a floral aroma with a gentle, nutty flavor and finish. It goes well with fruity Spanish red wines (Rioja) or even Beaujolais.
  • 12-Month Manchego — Made in much the same way as the six-month Manchego, this doubly-aged cheese has a firm texture with a rich golden color and hard paste that boasts similar, but more intense flavors. And, it was the Silver Winner at the 2012 World Cheese Awards.