with Danielle Jablonowski, Lover of all things Confectionary

Who’s Danielle Jablonowski?
Danielle is our official sweetheart. She came to us with a Baking & Pastry Degree, which she put to use working at the Ritz Carlton Hotel as Pastry Chef. Danielle can make anything sweet, from Chocolate Truffles and Pulled Sugar to Gelatos for all seasons (wait until you try our upcoming Spring Pomegranate Meringue & Cherry Lemongrass). Needless to say, she’s sweet on sweets!

Signature, Hand-Dipped Chocolate Strawberry Six Packs
Hand-dipped exquisite Belgian milk, white or dark Callebaut chocolate, our luscious strawberries come in a variety of beautifully decorated styles: dipped in white chocolate with dark chocolate stripes, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in sprinkles, nuts or chocolate chips, dipped in dark chocolate with milk chocolate stripes … you get it! So many to choose from and all nicely packaged in sweet half dozens. Or, select your own assortment — you know what you love!

Other Lovely Valentine’s Day Treats

  • NEW! Double-Dipped & Double-Dipped Tuxedo Cherries.
  • Chocolate-Covered Bacon — Our sublime Market District smokehouse bacon hand-dipped in Callebaut chocolate, two to-die-for slices.
  • Love Me Knots™ Gourmet Pretzel Gift Bag — Seven gourmet, chocolate-covered pretzels double dipped and covered in a variety of yummy (and pretty) toppings.
  • Chocolate-Covered Cherry Popcorn
  • Strawberry Chocolate Fudge
  • Hammond’s Candies — Limited-time-only Valentine’s Day chocolate bars, brittle, caramel marshmallows, caramel corn cones and lollies in flavors like red velvet, triple chocolate, sea salt and cupcake.

Moonstruck Chocolatier All-Natural Valentine’s Day Truffles — Enchanting!
Handcrafted with only the finest ingredients and decorated with intricate care, these artisan truffles make a rich impression — they are so darn fancy!

  • NEW! Hot Lips Truffle — Spicy dark chocolate ganache infused with ginger, honey and French Espelette chili pepper, hand-piped into a dark chocolate shell and painted a bright, sparkly red!
  • Pink Champagne Sweetheart — Ivory chocolate ganache flavored with a champagne reduction, a hint of raspberry and a candied raspberry center, all inside a hand-painted, heart-shaped shell!
  • Two-Tiered Red Heart Truffle — Dark chocolate ganache flavored with Drambuie and honey, topped with a hand-piped layer of milk chocolate Baileys® Irish Cream ganache, enrobed in red ivory chocolate and hand-decorated!
  • Raspberry or Strawberry Love Bugs — Extra bittersweet dark chocolate ganache flavored with natural raspberry or strawberry in the shape of an adorable love bug, hand-dipped and hand-decorated with chocolate hearts — amazing to look at and even more amazing to eat.