The first 100% Certified Organic, grass-fed dairy in Indiana, Traders Point Creamery is one of our favorite local suppliers. Why? Because they don’t homogenize their milk, which means the cream rises to the top for good, old-fashioned, farm-fresh flavor. Their whole milk and chocolate milk are real game changers.

“The high pressure used to homogenize milk breaks up the fat, which keeps the cream from rising to the top,” explains Mike Kessler, Local Sales Manager for Traders Point. “We don’t do that. In addition, our milk is pumped through lines about half as fast as normal dairies. We also pasteurize gently, so our milk is protected start to finish.”

Traders Point raises 80-100 cows on their farm, but also sources milk from eight Certified Organic farms in Indiana. They make artisan cheese and cottage cheese on the farm, plus milk and five varieties of yogurt at a facility two miles away.

Their seasonal cheeses are made with spring morning milk gathered just after the cows have grazed on fresh green grass. “The grass and time of year really make a difference in the flavor of the milk, and hence, the flavor of the cheese,” says Mike.

The Brick Street Tomme is a classic, semi-firm French farmstead raw cheese washed in Sun King’s Wee Mac beer. Aged two to four months, it is delightfully rustic with a margin of silky ripeness just beneath the rind, lending earthy notes to the tart, crumbly center.

The Fleur de la Terre (Flower of the Earth) is an award-winning farmstead Gouda. The gentle aging of this cheese for 6 to 10 months results in a creamy yet firm texture that carries hints of the sweet herbs and the grasses that grow on the rich bottom land of the farm. It’s mild and buttery with a pleasingly tangy after bite.

“We also make the best chocolate milk I have ever tasted,” claims Mike. “I started as a delivery person and used to give a bottle or two of the chocolate milk away. People loved it. They would come back to me and tell me they were hooked — couldn’t stop buying it. So, I guess I have always been in sales.”

Another reason Traders Point milk is so good is because they only bottle in glass, not plastic or cartons. “We feel it protects the integrity and flavor of our product,” says Mike. “It’s really a big point of difference.”

Traders Point Creamery is also very active in the local food movement, supporting the farmers they work with to gain organic certification and buy equipment. “We believe we can change the quality of our food source if we all work together, so we reach out to others who are farming in a way that we value and try to offer a hand,” says Mike. “It’s a very good, synergistic relationship.”