with Paul Abbott, a Griddler from Way Back

Yup, Paul makes no bones and a lot of flapjacks about it: waffles are nothing to waffle on, especially if you’re making them for Valentine’s Day! Thus, he brings you his favorite waffle fixings — make or take ‘em — each, a delightful way to show your one and only the nooks and crannies of your sweet, syrupy, griddle-great love.

Make It — Waffle Mixes We Love
These mixes make Paul’s absolute favorite waffles in extraordinary flavors with perfect texture and golden surfaces. No, he can’t say exactly which he likes better; it’s a mood thing. Buy them all and let the moment make the magic!

  • Urban Accents — Available in blissfully gourmet flavors both sweet and savory like Blueberry Lemon Lavender; Potato Cheddar & Chive; and Deep Chocolate. Yea, that’s a breakfast to LOVE!
  • Birch Benders Classic — Made with organic flour and hand-picked ingredients to ensure the fluffiest, tastiest pancakes imaginable, this mix might redefine your idea of waffle perfection.
  • Kodiak Cakes Frontier — When it comes to waffles, Kodiak is a long time go-to in Paul’s kitchen. Based on an old family recipe, it contains no added fat, sugar or cholesterol. You’ll be amazed at how light and tasty these add-water-only flapjacks are — we can hardly bear it! Available in Buttermilk or Fruit & Nut.
Take It — Waffles on the Fly
  • Nature’s Basket Gluten-Free Waffles — Proof that gluten free is as good as or better than the real thing. These waffles pop in the toaster and then warmly absorb whatever you drizzle them with for a super easy breakfast made with a whole lotta gluten-free lovin’.
  • Daelmans Stroopwafel — A Dutch classic that is not really a light and fluffy breakfast waffle, but instead, a wafer made with a rich smooth filling of buttery caramel and natural bourbon vanilla. More than attractive with your favorite variety of Market District coffee!
Top It Off — Drizzle This!
  • Market District 100% Pure Maple Syrup — Cupid’s pick. Premium, gourmet, dark amber nectar harvested from pristine stands of Canadian maple, our syrup is luxuriantly thick, caramel-ly sweet and fresh tasting — a true revelation if you’ve never experienced the pleasure of authentic maple syrup.
  • Coop’s Hot Fudge & Caramel Syrups — Handmade treats from Coop’s MicroCreamery® in Massachusetts, these luscious sauces are made with sugar, fresh cream, salted butter, pure chocolate, natural cocoa powder and unsulphured molasses. No preservatives, corn syrup or artificial ingredients.