Alaska Seafood — one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world — is one of our sources for wild, natural salmon, cod and halibut.

You can find Alaska wild salmon in our frozen seafood case and Alaska wild cod in our Seafood Service Case all year round. Toward the end March, we look forward to Alaska wild halibut to kick off grilling season, and fresh Alaska wild salmon May through August — to sea it through!

Beyond our Alaska Seafood specialties, we carry farm-raised salmon that is certified by Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) as four star — the vary highest rating — and, our farm-raised tilapia is rated three stars!

Finally (not really, because there are oceans of seafood varieties we haven’t even mentioned), we bring you Faroe Island salmon — fresh, never frozen, which comes to us from the Faroese Fjords and Sounds in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Pristine, clear waters, cool, steady sea temperatures, strong currents and the highest quality feed ensure its unparalleled depth and richness of flavor. Because the islands are small, transport times are extremely short, guaranteeing optimal freshness and quality. Plus, our Faroe Island salmon is guaranteed antibiotic free! Try it in our recipe for Green Tea Smoked Salmon!

Whatever you choose, you just can’t lose. Have questions about cuts or preparing? Ask our Fishmongers. A sea of knowledge they’ll share with you and maybe take you fishing, too!