Chef Ben is big on refreshment, but because he is a Chef, there is an element of cuisine essential to everything on the menu — including the ice cubes.

Who knew when we asked him for a few flavored cubes he would give us our pick — our ice pick, that is!

Says Ben, “These variations of flavored ice cubes pair well with a variety of cold summer beverages: iced teas, lemonades, sparkling beverages, such as spritzers, or just plain water. The ratios depend on the size of your ice cube tray, as there are many different sizes and shapes. I say, “trust yourself” when it comes to mixing them. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? But, for optimum results always use fresh fruit and herbs.”

Ice Cube Ingredients

Paired Beverage

  • Pomegranate Arils & Mint
  • Blueberries & Thyme
  • Raspberries & Basil
  • Cucumber, Lemon & Mint
  • Jalapeño, Mint & Lime
  • Celery, Lime & Jalapeño
  • Puréed Watermelon & Basil
  • Candied Ginger & Lime
  • Water, Tea or Wine Spritzer
  • Lemonade
  • Water or Iced Tea
  • Water or Iced Tea
  • Mojito
  • Bloody Mary
  • Wine Spritzers
  • Moscow Mule

Simply cut larger foods like cucumbers, strawberries, limes and jalapeños into slices, halves or quarters to fit easily in ice cube trays, and fill to the top with cold water. If some of the ingredients stick up out of the ice, it’s cool. I mean, it will look cool!

Fruit Cubes
Some fruits freeze very well and add a nice splash of color to your drinks. Just wash, dry and place on a tray in the freezer until completely frozen. For best results, freeze overnight. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Honeydew, Watermelon and/or Cantaloupe — Scooped out into melon balls, they take the place of ice altogether.
  • Grapes — A colorful variety makes a bigger splash. They make wine coolers even cooler. Or, add to sangria!
  • Strawberries (with stem on) — Very tasty frozen and the green top adds a nice flair.