We're all about using coconut oil for cooking but, we're also an advocate for it as a new, versatile beauty product.

Barlean’s virgin coconut oil is organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade, which is a rare combination. Plus, it’s cold-expeller pressed, which means the oil retains nutrients that benefit hair, nails and skin. Moreover, it is vegan, gluten free and non-hydrogenated. And did we mention versatile? Use it straight out of the jar, or try it with a few added ingredients that you can find in our stores for a harvest of applications:

  •  Primarily as a makeup remover; it is one of the few things that removes mascara without irritating eyes or tugging at eyelids.
  •  It is also great to apply to freshly shaven legs because it helps sooth sensitive skin and restore moisture.
  •  It works nicely as a massage oil.
  •  It doesn’t just moisturize your skin, it also has antibacterial properties that help to heal scars/injuries, repair dry cuticles and effectively smooth out rough patches of skin on elbows, knees and heels. 
  •  Many people swear by oil pulling (swishing the oil through your teeth for 10 minutes a day). It is supposed to do wonders for freshening breath and whitening teeth!
  •  You can also use coconut oil to tame frizzy hair and soothe itchy skin caused by sun exposure, insect bites and allergies.
  •  Finally, if you are the slightest bit crafty, you can make your own deodorant out of coconut oil with just a few ingredients that can be found in our store.