Pittsburgh, PA

Jubilee Hilltop Ranch Local Eggs
Neal and Cheryl Salyards acquired Jubilee Hilltop Ranch in Bedford, PA in early 2012, with the vision to begin a business that would involve family as well as encourage and promote sustainable agriculture to the community. Today, the family sells farm-fresh eggs that are eggstra delicious!

Cleveland, OH

Brunty Farms Local Eggs
Located in Akron, OH, Brunty Farms allows their hens to forage the pasture (including clover) from May-August, and during the winter months supplement their feed with extra alfalfa hay and fodder for an eggstraordinarily fresh egg taste!

Columbus, OH

Copia Farm Eggs
Caitlin and Dan created Copia Farm in Johnstown, OH, in order to expand the practices of diversified, pasture-raised, nature-based, nutrient-dense local food to another level. And they have! Here, the chickens live outside on fresh pasture, are beyond humanely raised on a non-GMO diet and the chicken’s eggs contain more vitamin D and beta-carotene than conventional eggs! Eggciting!


Seven Sons Eggs
Established in 2000 in Roanoke, IN, by Lee & Beth Hitzfield and their seven sons, Seven Sons Family Farm’s mission is to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish those who eat them. Their amazingly fresh-tasting local eggs come from free-range hens that are fed no drugs, antibiotics or GMO grains. As the seasons permits, the happy hens enjoy access to fresh, pesticide-free pastures! Eggsemplary!