Crisp, comforting and crave worthy, our delicious croissants are made according to a traditional French recipe for a richer tasting, crispier croissant.

Boasting French connections of the cuisine nature, they immediately bring to mind afternoons on the Seine & Paris all over again and again. Crafted with pure, unsalted butter and unbleached flour, they're available in Multigrain, Classic Butter & Pan au Chocolat. N'est-ce pas?

Indeed, and it is their verity that affords them this intensely delicious recall. First, they benefit from fermentation: the French secret to a richer tasting, crispier croissant. Our Belgian Bakers (just a hop, skip and a jump from France) allow their dough to ferment several hours, slowly developing its supremely rich aroma and indubitably light texture. And they are mindful to never knead so the dough remains molecularly intact (baking chemistry 101).

Of course, it goes without saying that our croissants are crafted from only the finest ingredients, like pure, unsalted butter and unbleached flour, and are always fresh. How? Because we bake them throughout the day, as one would if say one was a French baker who moved to Belgium and wanted to keep warm, luxurious pâtisserie memories alive!

And the tour de force? Not only do we have Classic Butter (in petite and large sizes) and large Pain au Chocolat (Chocolate Croissant), BUT we have a Multigrain variety, which enjoys the addition of several grains including wheat bran, spelt flour, sesame, sunflower and linseeds to its texture. Still light and definitely crispy, these are available in large and petite sizes, ideal for serving as hors d'oeuvres with Morbier and a glass of French Pinot Noir, or try with our imported Bonne Maman Fruit Spreads — breakfast excellentissime.