Got a refrigerator full of berries? Not for long! Following are delightful ways to incorporate the best of berries into your diet all day long!

Tried and true, strawberries are delicious sliced on your favorite cereal. They also make a tasty sauce for waffles, jam for toast, a sweet addition to muffins and breads, and an essential ingredient in any fruit salad.

Strawberries were made for light noon meals. Slice berries on a fresh green salad for a juicy sweet surprise. Use as the base for a refreshing smoothie, add to chicken salad, or simply eat whole.

For a snack with a pleasing bite, strawberries make a unique addition to salsas served with chips or pita. They also hold their own on a fruit and veggie tray, and add sweet color to a board of cheese and crackers.

An original way to use strawberries is as an ingredient in a barbecue sauce for meat, poultry or fish. Strawberries also add fresh flavor to marinades, a sweet tang to chutneys and make a more than memorable soup.

Naturally, strawberries define dessert. From the main ingredient in pies, cakes and parfaits, to the feature of the included recipes for tartlets or trifle, we recommend strawberries to satisfy the sweet tooth!

Frozen strawberries make cool ice cubes for fancy drinks or cocktails. They also add rich color and flavor to any frozen drink or punch recipe.

Bonus Tip!
Want to impress at your next soirée or your laidback Saturday breakfast? Try this simple trick for creating strawberry roses, perfect for adding a floral flourish to any appetizer, snack or dessert presentation!