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Soldier Boy Beef Jerky



Founded in 2016 by Christopher Prascus, a veteran of the United States Air Force, 421st Black Widow Fighter Squadron (armament systems specialist). The beef jerky recipes were handed down from generation to generation using all-natural signature spices and premium beef combined with a slow smoke for a perfect finish. Made in small batches for a high-quality, robust, tender jerky. A portion of proceeds donated to qualified veteran’s assistance programs.

Killik Hot Sauces


Killik Hot Sauce Company is owned and operated by Michael Killik; veteran, father of four daughters, stroke and heart attack survivor. After surviving the heart attack, Michael decided he had to change his way of life but loved hot sauce! He researched that most hot sauces have very high sodium levels and that this could’ve been a contributing factor to his heart attack. Having been dabbling in his own hot sauce making, he found that what he was creating was a better tasting, better looking and much healthier hot sauce!

Brickyard Sloppy Joe Sauce


Donald Hill, the owner of Traditions Sauces and Brickyard Sloppy Joe Sauce is a University of Toledo graduate and a US Navy Veteran who served in Marine combat in Afghanistan. While serving in the military he was eating a MRE (meal ready-to-eat) that contained sloppy joe sandwich. He ate some and it was awful and made him long for the sloppy joes he enjoyed growing up. When he returned, he along with his mother, mixed up an old family recipe and it was so good he got to wondering if they could sell it commercially.

Amazing Hazel’s Hot Sauce


David VanWye founded Amazing Hazel’s products from a childhood memory of a wonderful sauce that Dave’s grandmother had made for her family and loved ones. It was fresh, zesty and made with great care and love. Amazing Hazel’s is a small batch, artisan company and though they have grown in volume and offerings, each product and batch is still made with great care and attention to detail. Their hot sauces are versatile and are made with fresh ingredients.