Flavor Meets Savor

This month, we bring you significant cheeses from our friends in the UK, and chutney & spreads — the proper accoutrements to serve with these top-notch cheeses!

Imported Somerdale English Cheeses — Best of the Brits
A 2016 winner of the Queen’s Award, Somerdale brings us some of the highest quality cheese producers in Great Britain, effectively raising the profile of U.K. cheese around the world. The bee’s knees!

Poacher’s Cheddar — This cheese blends renowned British Cheddar with sweet caramelized onions. Balanced and velvety smooth, it’s a true cheese experience!

Wensleydale — First made by French Cistercian monks from Roquefort, France, this cheese retains the complex flavors of the past. Light and crumbly, it has the rich flavors of wild honey with a touch of fresh acidity. The cranberry version is loaded with plump cranberries for a touch of sweet.

Specialty Flavored Cheddars — The Somerdale flavored Cheddars contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and are presented in a beautifully waxed deli wheel or parchment pack.

  • Tintern — Creamy English Cheddar with chives and shallots.
  • Harlech — Creamy English Cheddar with horseradish and parsley.
  • Red Dragon — Creamy English Cheddar with mustard seed and ale.

The Preservation Society Spreads

Family-made with real fruit in small batches in Virginia, The Preservation Society makes seriously toothsome spreads (we don’t use that word lightly).

  • Pepper Jelly — As the quintessential Southern comfort, this pepper jelly makes for a thoughtful gift — who doesn’t love it? A mix of chopped bell peppers, jalapeños and habaneros, it has just the right amount of heat. Delicious spooned over cream cheese on crackers, on a grilled cheese or atop pork tenderloin.
  • Fig Spread — Rich, balanced and not too sweet, this spread is classic with cheese and crackers or Chèvre-stuffed chicken breasts and baked Brie.
  • Spicy Plum Chutney — A best-seller, this chutney gets its zip from fresh ginger and smokiness from mustard seeds. Pairs particularly well with Cheddar and ham or smoked pork.