Diet Trends — From Vegan & Vegetarian to Paleo & Primal

Now you can check out our Produce Department where we have conveniently gathered all of our most popular vegetarian and vegan favorites in one handy place.

Daiya Cheese Shreds — Add these dairy-free, plant-based shreds to pizza, quesadillas, mac and cheese — any of your favorite comfort foods that call for melted cheese. Layer it on with Cheddar, Mozzarella or Pepper Jack.

Nasoya Tofu — USDA Certified Organic and made with only Non-GMO Project-verified soybeans, Nasoya tofu is available in a variety of textures perfect for everything from smoothies to stir-fries.

Lightlife Smart Dogs — All the juicy hotdog flavor you love. Fire up the grill (they sauté and microwave easily, too), top with your favorite condiments, and enjoy the ultimate American favorite.

Vegenaise® spreads — Made with exclusively Non-GMO ingredients and heart-healthy oils, Vegenaise delivers the smooth creamy texture of mayo without eggs, artificial ingredients, trans fats or preservatives. Naturally gluten- and dairy-free, it’s available in Original, Reduced Fat & Grape Seed.

Tofurky Deli Slices — You can't fake this kind of flavor! These veggie-based versions of all-star deli cuts are popular with sandwich enthusiasts of all ages. Available in Peppered & Hickory Deli Slices, Oven Roasted or Pepperoni.

The New Primal Marinades & Cooking Sauces — A Foodie Find! All New Primal products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients and proteins that are naturally raised without antibiotics or added hormones. All are certified gluten free, paleo friendly, artisanal quality and minimally processed. Available in Classic, Spicy & Citrus Herb.

NEW! Halo Top Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts in Our Frozen Aisle! If you are lactose intolerant, then you are going to love these scrumptious new flavors that are not JUST dairy free, but all natural, soy free, low sugar, low calorie (with no artificial sweeteners) and vegan! Available in tempting flavors like Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel Macchiato, Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate-Covered Banana, Cinnamon Roll, Oatmeal Cookie & Chocolate.