Frozen Food Month

It’s National Frozen Food Month and we have a virtual iceberg of gourmet delights in our Freezer Aisle — new and surprisingly delicious selections that take frozen foods to their polar premium. The metaphor may not be working, but the taste sure is!

Ice Cream

Graeter’s French Pot Ice Cream

Containing the finest pasteurized, cooked ingredients, these small batch ice creams are made in 2½-gallon French Pot freezers — a secret ice cream making process from centuries ago! Absurdly rich and thick, they demand hand-packing, but it’s so worth the work. Get a spoon and see for yourself!

Magnum Tub Classic Ice Cream

Rich chocolate shards swirled in velvety ice cream, all wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that was made to be broken. Plus, Magnum works closely with Rainforest Alliance to make sure their cocoa beans are responsibly sourced. We like that, and the fact that this classic treat also comes in individual bars! Get crackin’!


Dr. Oetker Virtuoso® Pizza

Virtuoso pizzas are a sign of the times – simpler times. Believing in a world that’s optimistic and thoughtful of others, they bring together a variety of scrumptious flavors that are made with wholesome, authentic, fresh-picked ingredients all layered on the masterfully crafted crusts of European baking experts.

Newman’s Own Pizza

This pizza’s delicious multigrain crust has met rave reviews! It’s no surprise — great taste, delectable toppings and they bake in just 10 minutes – what else could you ask for in a pizza?


Dr. Praeger’s

Founded in 1992 with the mission to bring delicious frozen food to everyone, Dr. Praeger’s was the vision of two heart surgeons, who were motivated to encourage sensible eating by what they saw in their practice. They knew ingredients had to be nutritious and simple, that everything had to be delicious and that their products needed to be super simple to make. They succeeded!


Bringing you delicious and exciting food that is good for you and the planet is the Quorn goal. The ethical, health and environmental benefits of all their foods puts corporate responsibility at the heart of everything they do.

Chicken & Seafood


Raised free-range on Certified Organic Farms, these chickens are free to do the natural things birds do — explore grassy areas, peck the ground, take dust baths or soak up the sunshine while having access to sunshades, food and water! A better life. A better flavor.

Gorton’s Premium Haddock Fillets

Ever flaky and always flavorful Premium Haddock Fillets are coated with bread crumbs made from daily baked bread for an extra satisfying crunch. With a cook time under 25 minutes, it’s hard not to get hooked.