Cook Up Crispy Bacon Every Time

Fry, baby fry — and find these four bacon-makin' kitchen tools in our Housewares Department!

If You Care Parchment Baking Paper
These Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, unbleached, greaseproof papers are made for a wide variety of baking and cooking needs — including bacon. Coated with silicone containing no chlorine, this fine parchment is produced with minimum waste. It boasts unbleached, recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging with vegetable-based inks for printing and non-toxic glues, plus, it is oven safe up to 428°F, microwave safe and allergen free. But, most importantly, it cooks our bacon like a champ! Place parchment on say, a USA Half Sheet Pan, top with bacon and bake away!

Cuisinart® Griddler®
Five appliances in one! A hinged, floating cover and removable, reversible cooking plates turn it into a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, or half grill/half griddle. Dual temperature controls and indicator lights make it easy to use. Plus, dishwasher safe plates, integrated drip tray and a cleaning/scraping tool make cleanup fast.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Cast in Quality
Ask our Chefs what cookware makes them feel at home while old-school frying bacon and they'll answer simply: "Lodge."

Nordic Ware 2-Sided Bacon/Meat Grill
The ribbed surface of this microwave must-have drains fat while cooking, while the flat side is used for general heating and serving — also great for heating pizza, tortillas, bagels and more. Dishwasher safe.