Have a Grape Day — Nature’s Candy!

So many to choose from, and they’re all so good. Pair with our select cheeses and you can’t help but serve up a grape snack!*

Red Grapes

Cheese Pairings: Salemville® Blue, Stilton and Jarlsberg

  • Seedless, elongated, red color
  • Crisp texture
  • Sweet, neutral, juicy flavor
Red Globe
  • Seeded, extra large, round, light red color
  • Full flavored, extremely juicy
  • Seedless, round, full red color
  • Sweet-tart, juicy flavor
  • Pleasant crunch
  • Seedless, deep red, large oval shape
  • Crisp texture with a sweet bite
Green Grapes

Pair with our New Market District® French Brie


Seedless, large, elongated

  • Crisp, satisfying crunch and golden finish
  • A masterful blend of sweet and tart
  • Seedless, elongated, light green color
  • Crisp texture and a sweet, mellow taste
Dark Grapes

Cheese Pairings: Taleggio and Morbier

Black Seedless
  • Elongated, deep black color
  • Sweet, juicy and crisp
Autumn Royal
  • Seedless, large, elongated, black color
  • Firm texture and sweet flavor
Summer Royal
  • Seedless, round, full black color
  • Crisp texture
  • A pleasing aroma and sweet flavor
Scarlet Royal
  • Seedless, round, dark cherry color
  • Crisp texture
  • Luscious, sweet flavor

*Varieties and availability differ per store.