Make Your Own Meze Platter

Summer entertaining is all about lighter foods full of flavor and seasonal intention. That makes Greek cuisine a great go-to whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner, a patio party or even a backyard bash. And it all starts with the Meze.

Meze is the Greek word meaning appetizers, snacks or small plates. These platters are traditionally a beautiful mix of flavor, color, style and texture. They are also a win-win for summer when you want to limit hours in the kitchen, yet be at-the-ready post tennis game, yard sale hopping or gardening frenzy to throw together a relaxing, elegant bite.

To begin your big, fat Greek spread, start at our Antipasti Bar. Here, you’ll find an ocean of Mediterranean classics and among them some Greek specialties like Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Simply pick up a dozen or make them yourself. Add to that some of our classic Greek Feta Salad (a tangy, zesty mix of Feta and Greek olives) and roasted red peppers.

Then, get to the Greek olives themselves. Start with our authentic Kalamata, Black Greek or Seasoned Black Greek olives, and then if you really want to impress guests, pick up a package of our amazing limited-edition Halkidiki (Hal-KEE-dah-kee) olives in our Deli. We eat these like treats (our dietary Achilles heel, so to speak)! And while you’re there, grab some pita — we have a lovely selection — or pita chips (we love Stacy’s) and a container of outstanding Greek Gourmet Hummus.

Next, visit our Cheesemongers for authentic P.D.O. Greek Brined Feta, which is an odyssey of deliciousness drizzled simply with Gaea Kalamata Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped with a sprinkle of oregano. And, don’t forget a plate of fresh-sliced cucumber and tomato along with Tzatziki or Sabra® Greek Yogurt Dips for dipping.

Arrange all of this on an attractive tray or cutting board in an assortment of different-sized and colored bowls or plates. Aim for a natural, unfussy look. Overdone platters are the nemesis of summer entertaining.

And for refreshment. Ouzo? Metaxa®? Greek wine? Perhaps you want to try our new Owl’s Brew White & Vine cocktail mixer. Regardless, your hearty Meze platter can serve as complete party food or as appetizers to a fully staged Greek meal.