Holiday Breakfast Bests with Paul Abbott, Mayor of the Morning Meal

Paul brings us all his favorites to help celebrate the family and friends who share our homes during the holidays. What better way to start the day than with a table set with breakfast bests?

Melanie’s Medleys Cream Cheeses

Paul absolutely loves these gourmet cream cheeses, clearly made with clean ingredients, no artificial preservatives or colors. You can totally taste the freshness, so different from regular cream cheese — super light and whipped and amazing with our outstanding Bakery bagels. Available in Plain, Vegetable, Scallion and Honey Pecan.

Ducktrap River of Maine Spruce Point® Smoked Salmon

Bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon are a venerated tradition at the breakfast table. And to that point, our favorite smoked salmon is Spruce Point, which starts with premium Atlantic salmon fillets. Its exclusive flavor and texture is a result of hand-mixing and applying brines, herbs and spices, as well as incorporating Scottish-style smoking methods. By using fruit woods from local orchards and hardwoods from Maine’s rugged natural forests, they produce a signature salmon flavor that is distinctly (and delectably) Spruce Point.

Dave’s Killer Bread

Dave’s Killer Bread (love the name) is made with whole grains, no artificial ingredients and is high in protein and fiber — what more could you want? Plus, it comes in Organic White Bread Done Right®, Organic Good Seed®, Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds, Organic Powerseed®, and Organic Thin-Sliced Good Seeds®. All good choices!

Market District Smokehouse Bacon

Our bacon is sow good, we make a pig of ourselves every time we serve it! And for good reason, it’s:

  • Smoked for 12 hours over real wood embers
  • Made from premium pork bellies sourced from small farms
  • Gluten free/No MSG
  • Sliced extra thick and hand-trimmed for exceptional farmhouse quality
  • Always fresh, never frozen or pressed, so it retains its natural shape, which leads to exceptional flavor

Market District Valencia Orange Juice

Made with fresh-squeezed Valencia oranges — the most prized juicing oranges for their sweet and plentiful juice — our orange juice is remarkably fresh tasting and truly refreshing.

Nature’s Basket Cage-Free Eggs

Harvested from free-range chickens that eat an all-natural diet and are American Humane Certified, these cage-free eggs taste farm fresh, if we do say so ourselves.