Creating beautiful seafood dishes for dinner, cookouts, parties — even camping — is an ocean breeze with these tricks and tips brought to us by Chef Ben, who defines the summer’s success by the quality of its grilled salmon steak. He recommends direct-contact grilling with charcoal, gas or even a grill pan. And he would know. He’s a chef.

  1. Grill Prep
    Keep your grill clean. A clean grill allows better heat circulation, improved cooking conditions and may even add a few years to your grill’s life.
  2. Flame
    Start with high heat, then adjust. A hot grill will give you excellent grill marks on your seafood and allow you to perfectly sear it. Once you get the grill marks, you can adjust the heat to medium to prevent burning.
  3. Marinades, Spices & Rubs
    They all enhance seafood’s flavor. For a really simple preparation, use olive oil, sea salt & fresh cracked black pepper.
  4. Timing
    Make sure you don’t overcook seafood, which makes it tough and bland rather than delicate and flavorful. Use a meat thermometer to properly check that it is cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F and remove from the grill immediately.
  5. Finishing Sauces & Garnishes
    Once you remove your seafood from the grill, top it with a small pat of butter, a squeeze of fresh citrus, or compound butter (a mix of fresh herbs, seasonings, citrus and softened butter). These will add extra flavor to mild fish and help bring out a brighter flavor in stronger tasting varieties. Garnishes can include anything from fresh lemons and limes to parsley or basil. Choose those that complement or enhance your finishing sauce.