Turn Up the Heat With 9 Quick Tips

Summer demands cheeses with light, fresh, definitive flavor and that means Halloumi, the Hercules of all grilling cheeses. Hailing from Cyprus, Halloumi doesn’t melt. In fact, the heat brings out its richness and forms a slightly crisp coating on it, further enhancing its flavor. Handmade from sheep’s and goat’s milk, which gives it a mild, yet tangy flavor, Halloumi is consumed daily on Cyprus. This may be because it can be used in so many delicious ways, including:


  • Drizzle with Greek olive oil and serve with watermelon and toasted pine nuts
  • Grate over fresh figs
  • Wrap in phyllo and bake


  • Add to kabobs of red pepper, onion and beef
  • Grill and serve with mango, papaya and mint
  • Place between two grilled eggplant slices and spinach, and drizzle with olive oil


  • Serve atop fresh spring greens with pine nuts and raisins
  • Mix in a salad with kalamata olives, cucumber, fresh tomato and mint
  • Serve with eggs as a crispy alternative to bacon