Fresh Finds with Paul Abbott, Clean, Mean Buyer Supreme

This month, Paul is looking at eating solutions — and that’s a quote. Pure, organic, minimally processed foods for those looking to eat a simple, wholesome, unadulterated diet. Appetizing answers, indeed!

Grass-Fed Dairy — It’s Simple
Grass-fed cows essentially have an all-natural diet that improves their physical fitness and the flavor of their milk. It’s also good for the environment. Grazing builds soil, prevents erosion, protects water and reduces air pollution. Plus, milk from grass-grazed cows is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids. We offer these products made with grass-fed cow’s milk in the following stores:

  • Naturi Yogurt — Available in our Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus locations
  • Traders Point Creamery Yogurt and Milk — Available at our Carmel store only
  • Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter — Available in all Market District stores
  • Pasture Maid Milk — Available in our Pittsburgh stores
  • Hartzler Milk & Snowville Creamery products — Sold in our Cleveland, Columbus and Carmel stores

Clean Snacking — Go Raw Cookies & Crackers
Go Raw is dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry — with seeds! They start by finding the best (local when available), testing and inspecting the seeds before soaking them in filtered water. Next, they rinse and clean the seeds and allow them to sprout for up to four hours. The sprouts are then mixed with the highest quality raw, organic ingredients to make a variety of bars, cookies and snacks. We LOVE them!

100% USDA Organic Breads from Essential Baking Company
Only four ingredients comprise these 100% organic, bake-at-home breads: unbleached wheat flour, water, sea salt and naturally occurring yeast. Four ingredients, five loaves: Sourdough, French, Italian, Rosemary & French Baguette.

Protein Focus — Explore Asian Bean Noodles
These unique bean noodles are vegan, organic, gluten free, kosher and most importantly, taste great because they are made with the best raw materials. Plus, they have 20-25 grams of protein per serving and are low in carbs and sodium while high in fiber. Choose from Black Bean, Edamame and Soybean Spaghetti.

Fermented Beverages — Kombucha Teas
A cultured tea, kombucha is naturally rich with probiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols and active enzymes. We carry a variety of brands at our stores:

  • GT’s Organic & Raw — Available in Trilogy™, Gingerade™, Multi-Green™, Raspberry Chia™, Grape Chia™ and Gingerberry™ at all Market District locations
  • KeVita® Masterbrew — Available at all Market District locations
  • Valens — Available at our Cleveland stores only
  • Presto — Available at our Carmel location