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Hometown ice cream from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

Pittsburgh, PA

Crafted by Chad Townsend, a Pittsburgh French-trained Chef, Millie’s Homemade Ice Creams started as a door-to-door delivery. Made using a Paco Jet (a professional appliance that creates perfectly textured ice creams, sorbets and more) with no thickeners, lots of overrun (so very little air in the ice cream) all to meet Chad’s exacting standards, Millie’s is now has two Pittsburgh shops as well as kiosks at local universities. The best part about Milllie’s beyond the texture, the FLAVORS! Chad never likers to repeat the same flavor twice. We carry a rotating seasonal selection as well as Vanilla, Chocolate, Blackout Brownie and more!


Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream

Cleveland, OH

The Mitchell’s Team, headed by founders Pete & Mike, hand-craft every batch of ice cream keeping in mind the health of ice cream eaters (you), the farmers who grow their ingredients and the sanctity of the air, water and soil. Their ice cream is made using local grass-fed dairy and fresh seasonal ingredients—all the time. In 2014, they chose an old silent movie theater in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood to build their eighth Shop and Production Kitchen. In renovating the space, they adopted environmentally-sustainable practices, everything from solar panels and reclaimed wood to a rainwater harvesting system. Most importantly, Mitchell takes pleasure and pride in contributing to Northeast Ohio communities and to the lives of their employees. As part of this, they take care to charge prices that are affordable to all families and neighbors! Flavors differ per store. Check them out for yourself!

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Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

Columbus, OH

The most often compromised and expensive ingredient in ice cream is the actual cream. But not at Johnson’s homemade ice cream. Sourced from 19 family farms within 300 miles of Columbus (as are 80% of Johnson’s ingredients), real, local cream is what gives Johnson’s its reputation for extraordinary quality. In addition to their retail, family-fun ice cream shops, Johnson’s supplies more than 400 restaurants with their signature flavors. For instance, their Triple Trouble Vanilla won 1st place in the 2019 National Dairy Expo out of 1,300 entries. Very kid-friendly and funny/animated, their packaging speaks to their love for children, as does their philanthropic work with A Kid Again, a Columbus non-profit that helps children with life-threatening illnesses Their motto? Something for everyone. Everyone can relate to at least one a flavor from buckeye Fever and Mint & Chip to Cookies & Cream or Vanilla Bean.

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Oberweis Dairy Super Premium Ice Cream

Indianapolis, IN
This ice cream has definitely earned the right to be called super premium. And, that's more than just a fancy way of saying super tasty, rich, decadent and a keeper of the finest standards. First, it's made with 60% overrun, which means it is only one part air to every two parts cream. It’s also crafted with 18% butterfat and the absolute finest ingredients, more than any other ice cream in the freezer aisle. It's rich, it's creamy and made in small batches using cream from Oberweis Dairy cow’s milk. Who wouldn't enjoy a scoop of that? Plus Oberweis supports a collective of smaller local family farms where families own, cultivate and pass down the land from one passionate generation to the next. Ice cream available in Vanilla, Peppermint, Black Cherry, Mint Chip and Cookie Dough!

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